CCSS Newsletter 05/2017
Issue May 2017
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May 8-12, Galveston, Texas
October 2-6, Budapest, Hungary
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We original planned to send this newsletter at the turn of the year accompanied with our best wishes for 2017.

We planned to wish you your best day in 2016 would become your worst in 2017 and that this new year may not only be a good year in business, but more so in your private life. We at TRIPLAN still stand by those wishes. However, 2017 started for us with a great new business opportunity for our Closed Coke Slurry System. A new project emerged and we decided our newsletter should bring you news, so we waited for this new project to materialize. However as you know awarding projects takes time and RefComm is approaching.

Triplan is anticipating to be awarded another CCSS project. This is a great success for TRIPLAN, our patented CCSS technology and for the great staff working for our company. We take great pride in our knowledgeable and experienced people and only hope you also get the opportunity to work with them in future.

Gazpromneft Moscow

TRIPLAN Technology is anticipating to be awarded the contract for engineering of a TRIPLAN patented Closed Coke Slurry System for a new four (4) drum Delayed Coker Unit under CB&I Lummus license at the Gazpromneft Moscow refinery. The environmental safe, smaller footprint and clean coke handling offered by the CCSS was one off if not the main reason for Gazpromneft to choose for TRIPLAN CCSS design. With the refinery being close (if not enclosed) by Moscow City this was critical. Gazpromneft management and engineers were also impressed by the operational features and savings offered by our system. We are delighted with this new project and will keep you informed on progress through our newsletter.

Closed Coke Slurry System

Previously we informed you about the unique design and some of the technical details of the system like the crusher. We pointed out that our CCSS is by far todays best and proven solution for environmentally safe and clean coke handling. In this newsletter we want to highlight another great feature of our system – operational cost savings.

The TRIPLAN Closed Coke Slurry System provides by its design savings on water, downtime, O&M costs and can be fully automated. TRIPLAN has done an extensive study on the OPEX comparison between CCSS and conventional open PIT design. We looked at production loss, manpower, maintenance, operational and freshwater cost.

We have calculated these for an European and an India based refinery, with similar results. The OPEX savings offered by CCSS are staggering. We would be delighted to discuss these calculation with you.

More details


The very first Closed Coke Slurry System was installed at a German refinery in the 90’s. Over the years this initial design was modified, components and materials altered, specific equipment changed. The last modifications were implement during a DCU shut down in 2005 and ever since the unit has been running trouble free. It is with great pride we can state the engineers involved in these modifications and improvements are all employed by Triplan The refinery reports over this 10 year operation; no dedicated field operators required, high reliability factors, uninterrupted operation equivalent to 5000 cycles, no deterioration of slurry pump performances, no corrosion and erosion of the total CCS system, no fire, no accidents, no ‘near miss’ incidents, free water content of commercially dry coke lower 10% .

More details about the CCSS, including case studies and downloads can be found on

Meanwhile at the other project
Progress on the new CCSS installation in Poland is well under way. The customer just recently witnessed factory test on the crushers and slurry pumps. The machines, which form the critical hearth of the installation are currently being shipped to the refinery. Installation is scheduled for this summer.
With the completion of this project, at the beginning 2018, the latest of the TRIPLAN Closed Coke Slurry Systems including all of the latest features, will be starting up. This installation will also be our future showcase for interested customers to visit.
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