The Company

TRIPLAN has been developing and optimizing complex production facilities within the process industry since 1967. In 1984, this service contractor started providing their expertise utilizing their own teams of experts in Karlsruhe. 

In 2015, TRIPLAN AG, a publicly listed company since 2011, founded the independent company TRIPLAN Technology GmbH, replacing the former Karlsruhe subsidiary. As before, the team in Karlsruhe offers engineering services, particularly in the chemical and petrochemical areas. Over and above that, TRIPLAN Technology is focused on the progress and marketing of their in house developed and patented CCSS-Technology, an innovative system-Technology for the economical and environmentally friendly treatment of petroleum coke in the mineral oil industry - the closed coke slurry system for delayed cokers.

We are TRIPLAN Technology GmbH:

consisting of 80 female and male staff members with long term experience in supporting companies and extensive expertise in refining technologies, chemical as well as energy and power plant technology. To highlight our performance capability – prospective clients have access of up to 150000 man hours per annum. Right from the concept phase, we are at our clients’ side to set important parameters in the early stages of system planning, realizing the potential for optimisation and undertaking initial cost estimates. Through our autonomy, we are in the position to always offer the best solution, not only in the planning of new facilities, but also for the optimisation, retrofitting or expansion of existing plants.

With our extensive engineering know-how, technologically leading software applications and solid consulting service, we develop solutions that over the long term meet the highest technical and economical standards, whilst also being considerate to resources and the environment.

BAT Best Available Techniques!

The BAT, ‘Best Available Techniques’ – also known in Germany as Beste verfugbare Technik or “BVT”, it basically conforms to the traditional engineering concept of ‘State of the Art’. Accordingly, a facility must guarantee the lowest possible waste and emission levels whilst maintaining reasonable expenditure. This requires a systematic approach in all planning phases, in particular taking into consideration the project as a whole and not just in part. Our planners always approach projects according to this philosophy.

What is critical to you as a client – CAPEX (capital expenditures), or OPEX (operational expenditures)?  The investment cost, or the operating cost? At Triplan Technology we are always searching for a sensible balance within value engineering.

Local Engineering (operational support)
Process plants can reach 30 or even 40 years of age, but they are generally kept up to date by the operator through investment in modern technology. The engineers at TRIPLAN Technology are involved in a number of such ‘rejuvenation’ projects.