Unique system components provide safe and reliable operation

Crusher with transition piece (proprietary design)

  • Double roll with independent direct hydraulic drive
  • Fully automatic operation through DCS architecture
  • Roll dimensions / teeth pattern developed for peak- & impact loads
  • Dedicated crusher for each drum is recommended
  • Unlimited swallow capacity for any cutting rates & coke quality
  • Crushing ratio 10:1 e.g. 1.000 mm To 100 mm ; 40" To 4" resp.
  • Triple casing material combination for long life cycle - overall wall thickness 2"
  • Safe Operation: Transition piece permanent attached between bottom valve and crusher. proprietary flexible sealing design accomodates drum elongation and side movements
  • Solutions for older drum unheading bottom flange designs are also available 

Slurry Pump

  • Special design for "Ultra Low NPSH" operating conditions
  • Unique material selection for extended life cycle

Closed Slurry Pipe

  • Special design for optimum slurry fluidization - non clogging -
  • Design is a function of velocity, layout and experience - non trench type -
  • Special material selection and construction for extended life cycle

Dewatering Bins (proprietary design)

  • Fast and efficient water entrainment through hydrostatic effect 
  • Pure gravity flow – no movable devices
  • Selfcleaning screen design with maximum surface arrangement
  • Cone section fully perforated for uniform dewatering of bottom load
  • Overall short travel distance for free water entrainment
  • more than 6 years uninterrupted operation
  • more than 99,5% fines retainment in coke bed

Typical Cycle Schedule (2 Drum Unit – 1.000 to Coke/Drum)