Main advantages of the CCS-System at a glance

Workers Health/Inherent Hazards/Workplace Safety and Environment

  • The CCS-System eliminates concerns from EPA/OSHA, local authorities, environmental agencies or other sources
  • Constitutes Benchmark Process as 'Best Available Technique (BAT) for Mineral Oil Refineries' according to European EEU Directive 2008/1/EC: 'Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control'

State-Of-The-Art Process

  • Reference unit for zero-zust coke handling and equipment reliability (98+%) for years to come


  • Minimum manpower through instrumentation with logic steps
  • High workers acceptance to similarities with other refining processes

Fines & Sludge handling

  • Efficient separation and removal of fines (no external silt) to produce excellent cutting water quality by extended equipment life cycle


  • Unique proprietary material selection and combination for trouble free, uninterrupted operation between planned turnarounds
  • Reference unit in continuous operation for 6 years