Double Roll Petroleum Coke Crusher

A result of a 25 years development on Petroleum Coke Crushing.

The principle:

  • Compression crushing principle: works best when "overloaded"
  • Unlimited swallow capacity; matches any cutting rates in future
  • Direct hydraulic drive for each roll provides maximum torque
  • Logic control; all processing parameters are available 
  • Logic compartible and connective with coke cutting package supplier software

Technical features:

  • No additional manpower required
  • Crushing ratio (10:1) 40" to 4" (typ.)
  • Capacity >1.000 to/hr
  • Construction and material for extreme long life cycle
  • Triple bonded materials (2") against erosion and corrosion attack
  • Fabricated in Germany

Closed system:

  • Inline crusher with transition piece permanently connected to coke drum bottom valve
  • for older coke drum designs: retractable shute arrangements are available: shute is automatically raised and connected to drum flange

Supply and services:

  • Customized design and construction
  • Fabrication in Germany
  • Field erection supervision
  • Commissioning and start-up assistance
  • Training
  • Spare parts supply