Piping class management

The specification of piping classes is the basis of all design: The compilation and description of the most common components, of which a piping system of a particular material and nominal pressure can be composed of, is a binding specification for the detail design.

As a rule, the designer should only utilize components from the stipulated piping class (deviations mean more expensive custom specifications). However, these piping classes are “live”, they must for example, during the design phase of a facility for a new product with different material and design requirements, be adapted accordingly, or must be updated due to new regulations and standards. Many companies enlist the help of TRIPLAN Technologies for this purpose.     

Because these clients know: a piping class which is of a lower standard inevitably leads to much higher costs (for example, because a material was listed, which is a long lead item), to schedules not being met (because TUV is causing problems with approvals) and possibly due to costly maintenance procedures.