Right from the concept phase, we are at our clients’ side to set important parameters in the early stages of the system planning and realize the potential for optimisation and undertake initial cost estimates. Through our autonomy, we are in the position to always offer the best solution, not only in the planning of new facilities, but also for the optimisation of retrofitting or expansion of existing plants. 

Once the client is satisfied with the feasibility study, it is time for the implementation: the pre-planning, the basic engineering as well as the detail engineering, or the layout and detail design. 

Generally speaking, TRIPLAN Technology operates as a design and engineering service provider, less so as a general contractor, as this would by far exceed the financial resources of the company. As a design and engineering service provider, TRIPLAN Technology takes on projects with a level of investment of between 30 and 40 million Euros, as a general contractor TRIPLAN Technology takes on briefs of up to approximately 6 million Euros. TRIPLAN Technology takes on projects of up to 150,000 engineering hours per annum.