Advice from an engineering consultant such as TRIPLAN Technology – at first glance, this sounds enlightening and easy to justify. Generally speaking, the reason behind this, is a companies’ requirement for problem solving, as they cannot achieve their goals on their own due to their employees lacking the necessary know-how, or because of staff shortages.

We offer attractive economical solutions for new build projects (Greenfield), as well as retrofits and plant expansions (Brownfield) based on our long term know-how in the focal areas of the chemical and oil and gas sectors.  We always develop cost estimates to support our concepts. 

Often, it is about meeting official requirements based on new approval regulations. It is not an unusual approach for TRIPLAN Technology to bring together the client with a company that has already found a solution for certain problems, in a work shop type environment. Our engineers then convert the tried and tested solution to the clients own specific requirements.  

At such initial consultations, the great advantage of TRIPLAN Technology is: that due to the broad experience from the various services and operational support, our employees have an in depth understanding and knowledge of the practical processes in chemical and petrochemical facilities. We offer consulting services by technical experts for technical experts!

An important point: Triplan Technology appeals in particular to small and midsized companies (SMC) with its range of services and communication with their clients on the same level, because we are SMC ourselves and know about their processes and demands – internationally operating engineering corporations often with thousands of employees and complex organisational needs, frequently clash with SMC- structures.