Reference / District Heating

District heating is energy efficient, has a good carbon footprint and is relevant in our time. If an industrial company chooses a refinery as a heat source for example, it requires designers with a lot of know-how in process technology so as not to negatively affect the core activities of the facility.  

Reference project: MIRO - from waste heat to usable heat.

After the basic engineering which was already completed in 2008 and utilizing the process waste heat from the mineral oil refinery Oberrhein (MIRO) to feed this energy into the district heating network of Karlsruhe, TRIPLAN was also awarded the follow up contract for the detail engineering of the first expansion stage on the MIRO site in Karlsruhe.

MIRO and the Karlsruhe council installed state of the art plate heat exchangers on the refinery site for this remarkable environmental project and since then have fed the project waste heat to the West thermal power station via a 5km long district heating pipeline.

Basic data from the first expansion stage:

  • Heating capacity 40MW (equal to the power consumption of around 8000 apartments)
  • Construction period 2008 to 2010
  • Capital investment: approx. 30 million Euros
  • Heating usage approximately 300000 MWh per annum (which is around one third of the total district heating requirement of Karlsruhe)

The project awarded to TRIPLAN encompassed the plant construction, construction and structural engineering on site at MIRO, right up to completion and handover.