The next TRIPLAN patented Closed Coke Slurry System will be installed in the new four (4) drum Delayed Coker Unit ( CB&I Lummus license) at Gazpromneft Moscow Refinery.

TRIPLAN Technology GmbH has been awarded the contract for basic engineering of this unique completely closed CCS System and supply of critical equipment.

The environmental safe clean coke handling offered by the CCSS and smaller footprint requirement combined with flexibility in plot layout are the main reason for Gazpromneft to opt for the TRIPLAN Closed Coke Slurry System design. With the refinery being close (if not enclosed) by Moscow City this was critical. Gazpromneft management and engineers were also impressed by the operational features and savings offered by our system. In the months preceding to this award Gazpromneft visited the operational CCSS in Germany and studied in detail the new unit under construction in Poland.

Under the agreement TRIPLAN Technology GmbH will supply Crushers, Slurry Pumps, and other critical equipment from Germany. Other material will be sourced under TRIPLAN supervision from Russia. We are delighted with this new project and will keep you informed on progress.