District Heating

District Heating is energy efficient, possesses a good carbon footprint and is relevant in this day and age. If a client chooses an industrial concern such as refinery for example, to provide heating, they require a layout specialist with a tremendous amount of know-how in process engineering, to ensure that the core tasks of the plant are not negatively impacted. 

The expertise of our engineers for such distinct heating projects, has less to do with district heating itself, but more to do with the know-how related to refinery processes. At TRIPLAN Technology, their staff have been working for years, particularly in the refining and petrochemical sector and as a result, have accumulated comprehensive knowledge. It is this knowledge of the specialized types of facilities that speak for TRIPLAN Technology when planning district heating projects.

Usage of waste process heat for heating is significant, not just ecologically but also from an economical perspective; for one thing, a refinery can improve its energy efficiency through the use of the, up until now, non-usable waste heat. Costly disposal of waste heat is no longer necessary, instead it is utilized as thermal energy. Also, the respective district heating provider becomes more independent of the price developments of the energy markets. Aside from these environmental and economical reasons, there is also the aspect of safeguarding the location of the respective refinery.