In General

As an example for TRIPLAN real-world developments in the best interest for their clients is the Closed Coke Slurry (CCS) System. The process crushes and handles solids and water as slurry in a closed system followed immediately by a high efficient separation of water from the coke.

The unit aims at Delayed Coker plants within Crude oil refineries but provides a convincing solution for the harsh Coal, mining and ore industries as well.

Contrary to the usual open and manual solid handling the process is extremely low in emissions, demand remarkably less manpower through consequent automat ion and ultimately allows a higher throughput of the main unit in combination with the CCS steps up to the transport of the dry, sellable product.

An essential step change in solid handling accomplished with a total new crusher design and his components as the crusher is the core equipment of the CCS System.

Consequent use of abrasive and corrosive resistant materials throughout the CCS System results in extraordinary high reliability figures (> 99%) – not considered achievable so far - for this crucial processing step.