Case Study #4

Coke Slurry Transport via Pipeline to a Gasification Unit

A Delayed Coker Operator in Asia is currently in the planning stage to expand his unit. Once on-stream the coke production from the new Coker should serve as feed for a gasification unit approx. 4.000 meter away from the DC unit.
The Owner was looking into ways to combine economical and reliable aspects to route the coke product to offsite.
Ideally, the feed for a gasification unit should be of uniform, finished particle size with determined water/humidity content.
The usual method is to collect the coke once cutted out from the drum in an open pit. Bridge cranes or front loader transports the coke to an offsite crusher and with a covered conveyor system to the receiving area. Here the coke serving as gasification feed is reconditioned, e.g. grinded to the desired grain size and wetted.
TRIPLAN conducted a feasibility study to demonstrate the flexibility and the inherent advantages of the Closed Coke Slurry System. In this case, the basic compact CCS system separates into three parts: Equipment placed directly underneath the coke drums with water collecting tanks sideways resp., equipment at the receiving area and lines and pumps to transport slurry respective clean water between the two locations.
Main conceptual points of the proposed features are:

  • Coker onsite:
    • Crusher with chute to connect coke drum bottom valve during cut out
      • Crusher grinds to required grain size for the gasification unit in one step
    • Vertical transition chute downstream of crusher to a slurry basin
      • Spacing allows to provide aboveground steel basin
    • Water tanks
      • For collection of the water inventory in the closed circuit
    • Slurry pumps
      • Provides required head and flow. Made of abrasion protected material
  • Receiving area:
    • Dewatering bin
      • To meet optimum, uniform water content for gasification feed, fines retention and dispersion
    • Drain water basin & Return pump
      • Aboveground steel basin collecting system for return water
    • Vibration feeder
      • To control feed rate from dewatering bin to gasification unit
  • Pipeline system:
    • Slurry line
      • Fabricated from abrasion protected material
    • Clean water return line
      • Fabricated from standard CS or high strength plastic material

Due consideration was given to maximize local fabrication and supply.

The well received TRIPLAN proposal with the splitted Closed Coke Slurry concept demonstrates the superb flexibility and sensible solids handling features as the conditioning of the gasification feed happens automatically en-route and does not require additional handling or another treating step.

Separating the Closed Coke Slurry system with the crusher and coke slurry collecting basin onsite while the dewatering bin holds the coke at the customer premises and pump the slurry and the return water via pipeline could constitute an economical and environmental attractive fit.

A sensible solution for all Delayed Coker operators with customers operating coal fired power stations/ gasification units or similar services.